The River Dranse is running pretty wild this week after some heavy rain, and down in the ravine below the Super-Morzine lift, its thundering through the trees past the tennis courts, pools and then through to the Country Park.


I’ve never spent much time down here before and was pleasantly surprised by all the facilities and family activity this Sunday morning.  It could have been Richmond Park (apart from the mountains of course, and not so many yummy mummies).


The main drag follows the river all the way down to St. Jean, its got well surfaced level tracks so a good choice for the old folks and littl’uns. There was lots of ‘stuff’ going on.


As we wandered down, over various bridges and back on the other side, we took in the horse riding school, the zip wires and tree ropes, childrens cycle tracks, a fairly strange looking kind of golf with frisbys activity.


Further on we found the fitness zone, bee hotel, and an area where they seem to be in the process of building a water-driven sawmill, though it seems to be a bit behind schedule.


The fitness zone was good fun, taking in multiple activites around the woods and challenging our imaginations as we tried to work out exactly what we were supposed to do, probably we needed to be dressed more like the athletes we know we can be.  Below is on the more sensible side of what we achieved, though Dan seemed in no doubt that this exercise was all abouth the tail wagging the dog….


It was a wee bit wet so the smart bees were tucked up but there was no doubt this place was a lot better option than the local Ibis and I’d swear the rooms were bigger!


So a nice place to wander and judging by the variety of people jogging, walking etc. etc. its well-used and maintained.  There seemed to be access points all over, we came in on the Little Train after a big breakfast, and headed out up the S-M lift opposite the pool.  All very easy and a nice diversion from a Town full of, we were loudly told, “World-Class Lumberjacks” whittling tree trunks into matchsticks.