Definitely one of our favorite walks, this loop is a good day’s excursion from the Chalet.   Its hard work though so take some food and drink!  Like most of the walks, its a simple hike out the door and up the Vallee road.  Head across the first bridge onto the Chemin de Renard track along the side of the River Dranse.  Turn left and hike up the trail following signs initally for Chardonniere and Le Charny.  At the signpost below the trails splits, hang a right to start the long climb up to Golese.


If you find it hard going, at the Vigny farm you can skip the Col by heading direct for Bo Morand:



Once you get to the Col, and have admired the views down towards Samoens and Mont Blanc, head right up the trail for Cramots and the Point D’Angolon.

Cramots signpost

Cramots signpost

The Alpage is pretty spectacular:

Flowers 1

as are the views:

The trail turns into a ridge walk as you ascend up to Les Cretes:


You can pretty much walk this ridge all the way to Nyon, though i’d recommend coming over the other side back into the Vallee, and heading for the Alpage of Bon Morand.



The mountain chalet is in the centre of the photo:



At the Bo Morand signpost you should head down to Chardonniere, and from there walk down the Chemin back to the Chalet.